[reportlab-users] Producing pages out of order - possible?

Paul Sleigh bat at flurf.net
Tue Apr 29 07:58:46 EDT 2008

Dinu Gherman wrote:

> I confirm that the TOC is multipage. I also confirm that the offical

> userguide says nothing about TOCs and everybody using them must read

> the test cases and source code in order to understand how they are

> supposed to work.

That's no great hardship. Compared to reading the awful PHP source code
I was stuck with, Python is a joy.

Is there a documentation wiki anywhere, so I can take what I've learned
and put it into a usable form for whoever follows in my footsteps?

Also: I presume some sort of widow/orphan control is possible, and
multi-column layouts, perhaps using Platypus? I'm reading paragraphs of
text out of a database and putting them onto the page, and the client
doesn't want paragraphs to break across the columns at all.

: P :

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