[reportlab-users] Producing pages out of order - possible?

Paul Sleigh bat at flurf.net
Tue Apr 29 07:10:16 EDT 2008

G'day. I've got a project I wrote in PHP using an open source PDF
generation library, but it's slow and a huge memory hog, and I'm hoping
to move it over to something a little less ugly. One feature I need is
the ability to produce pages out of order: that is, generate the body of
a document as pages N+1 to N+M, then an N-page table of contents at the
beginning, with the page numbers in the form "Page 1 of X" filled in as
the last step. The table of contents has to be at the start if at all
possible because that's what the user had with his original
Word-macro-chewing-gum-and-string version, and he's resistant to change,
but obviously it has to have that generated after the body of the
document because otherwise there's no way to know which item goes on
which page.

So, my question: can I do this using the ReportLab tool? If so, I think
you've found a lifelong friend; if not, I fear I may have to come up
with some other solution, and I'm running out of ideas.

What can you tell me?

: Paul :

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