[reportlab-users] flowables getting rendered outside of their frames

Tim runeedge at gmail.com
Thu Apr 10 15:25:40 EDT 2008

I am using Reportlab 2.1 under Python 2.5 on WindowsXP.

I've got a page setup where I format my data into a table of tables.
These are then fed into the page.

I have three possible frames to render material into (I'm selecting them
before runtime):
a top frame, a left frame, and a right frame. The top frame is such
that it spans the width of the left and right frame.

It's sortof like the shape: "TT" with the upper component being a
single frame.

If I place my flowables into a template with the left and right frame
only, it appears as I expect. However, if I include the top frame, with
any permutation of the other frames, I get very bizarre results--the
contents of the top frame appear as expected, but the content in the
lower frames will not be rendered in the frames.

Remember that my data is formatted into a table of tables. The top
frame is only meant to hold one subtable. If I put a framebreak
immediately after flowing in that subtable, I get the intended results.
But I would expect the same without the framebreak--as there is not
enough room for two of these tables, the next table should get rendered
inside of the left or right frames.

Why would not putting in the framebreak cause tables in other frames to
get rendered outside of their frames? Aren't frames independent of each
other? Any thoughts? Any debugging tips? Being able to render the
outline of the frames helps a lot--but as they're now flowing out of the
frames I'm lost in the weeds.

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