[reportlab-users] Patch for increased standard compliance of /CreationDate

Dinu Gherman gherman at darwin.in-berlin.de
Sat Sep 29 06:02:33 EDT 2007


I noticed the /CreationDate field in the PDFInfo can be made more
standard compliant, making it have date values like this:


instead of the current fields like:


This makes it easier for parsing tools to recognize the correct
date. I've attached a patched PDFDate class below (to ReportLab 2.1),
which also simplifies the __init__ method, that seemed unnecessarily

It might be worth checking if there are other places that could
benefit from that kind of improved date values, something I have
not done. But, apparenty, PDFDate is used only in pdfdoc.py:

reportlab_2_1/reportlab dinu$ grep -n PDFDate $(find . -name "*.py")
./pdfbase/pdfdoc.py:1356: D["CreationDate"] =
./pdfbase/pdfdoc.py:1490:class PDFDate:


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