[reportlab-users] Problem on Mac OSX

Reed O'Brien reed.l.obrien at nasa.gov
Mon Oct 1 15:57:12 EDT 2007

On Oct 1, 2007, at 3:44 PM, Andy Robinson wrote:

> I think this is a problem with the specific copy of the Python Imaging

> Library you have installed on your Mac OS. On many platforms, PIL is

> compiled with jpeg support. It seems your PIL isn't. We also had

> this from a customer on Mac OS last week.


> Can anyone who knows Mac OS well recommend what versions of PIL to

> install, or what options are needed to recompile it with JPEG support?


> On your second question, we don't normally run scripts from within an

> interactive prompt.

> If you want to, you need to run the same code which is at the bottom

> of that script e.g.

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cd jpeg-6b
./configure # if 64 bit uncomment => CFLAGS='-fPIC'
make install
ranlib libjpeg.a
cp libjpeg.a /usr/local/lib
cp *.h /usr/local/include


cd Imaging-1.1.6
mv setup.py setup.py.tmp
SED_CMD="s|JPEG_ROOT = None|JPEG_ROOT = libinclude(\"/usr/local/lib
\")|; s|ZLIB_ROOT = None|ZLIB_ROOT = libinclude(\"/usr/local/lib\")|;"
cat setup.py.tmp | sed -e "$SED_CMD" > setup.py
$PYTHON_COMMAND setup.py build_ext -i
$PYTHON_COMMAND selftest.py
$PYTHON_COMMAND setup.py install

Is what I have in my build notes.


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