[reportlab-users] reportlab-users Digest, Vol 39, Issue 1

Tim Roberts timr at probo.com
Mon Oct 1 13:10:19 EDT 2007

Robin Becker wrote:

> kevin wrote:

>> Yes, my example was a bad one. I realized immediately that my

>> example was bad. The avery site will let you generate a PDF with

>> mailing labels (got this clue from some Ruby developers). The

>> resultant PDF automatically pops up the print dialog and the page

>> scaling is already set to none. This is what I'd love to do, as I

>> can't expect the users to

>> continually remember to set this. I'll see if I can hunt down where

>> the pdf was generated. I am attaching the pdf I generated from their

>> site.


>> Thanks!


>> kevin at booksys.com


> ....... unfortunately the avery document is not editable (at least

> without passwords etc etc) and the interesting bits appear to be

> compressed. I think javascript is being used to open up the dialog.

> Certainly there's some javascript usage in the document.

pdftk can solve the compression problem.
pdftk avery.pdf output averyu.pdf uncompress

And, in fact, there is a "stream" in that file that looks like C code
that fetches the printer parameters and sets flags to suppress the
"center and rotate" options. I've not seen code like that in a PDF before.

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