[reportlab-users] Automatically set Page Scaling and Print?

Robin Becker robin at reportlab.com
Mon Oct 1 11:10:20 EDT 2007

kevin wrote:

> Hi all,


> We use reportlab to generate printing labels and barcode lists. At the

> moment we are fervently telling people to turn off "Page Scaling" (to

> None) before printing their documents.


> Is there a way that this could be set up automatically while generating

> the reportlab document? I have seen PDF documents that do this. For

> instance,

> http://www.outback.com/pressroom/pdf/restaurantnews_march2005.pdf shows

> that the Page Scaling can be turned off on the Print dialog.


> Any help is greatly appreciated.


> Thanks,


> Kevin at booksys.com

Hi, can you say which acrobat you're using? I just tried in Acorbat Reader 7.x
and the print dialog still wants to scale the result. I had a quick look inside
the doc, but it's compressed so I'll have to try and use extraordinary measures
to figure out what extra things are in there.
Robin Becker

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