[reportlab-users] html to pdf

Stephan Richter srichter at cosmos.phy.tufts.edu
Wed May 30 11:26:39 EDT 2007

On Tuesday 29 May 2007 09:43, Chris Withers wrote:

> I'm sure this is quite a perenial question on this list, but how would I

> go about turning html+css to pdf using reportlabs tools?


> I'm not sure exactly what's possible yet so I'm interesting in the

> options, including things like using PageCatcher to wrap the generated

> pdf with graphic-designer produced pdf front and back covers and/or

> using the html structure but taking the style as elsewhere.


> I'm quite happy to use bits of the commercial reportlab library if they

> make this easier and I can get hold of the necessary budget...

I would use an XML transformation from HTML to RML; then you can do the styles
yourself. Also RpeortLab Inc.'s RML and z3c.rml support putting multiple
pages together using PageCatcher and pyPDF, respectively.

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