[reportlab-users] Reportlab compiling in Linux - Problem fixed!

David Frank david83 at sfsu.edu
Fri May 4 13:08:10 EDT 2007

Hi Andy and All,

The problem was fixed....finally!!! :-)

It was all in the setup.py program of the renderPM folder in the
rl_addons. The code inside had the location /usr/location/lib for the
location of the library files. But, in the 64-bit machine that I use, the
location is usr/lib64. Another change was that the location of freetype is
also different. It is /usr/include and not /usr/local/include (this folder
is empty). I dont know if this change is because my machine is 64-bit or
because of the operating system that is used, CentOS.

So once I made the changes:

/usr/local/lib ==> /usr/lib64
/usr/local/include ==> /usr/include

and then followed the instruction in Uwe's and Andy's mail, everything
worked fine. I am able to generate graphical images without a glitch.

I think I should write all the steps in detail in another post to the
community for the benefit of those searching with the keywords, "64-bit"
and/or "CentOS".

I do not know how to thank all of those who stepped in to help me. I truly
appreciate your efforts. Thank you very very much for your replies.

Best Regards,

David Frank

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