[reportlab-users] Reportlab compiling in Linux

David Frank david83 at sfsu.edu
Wed May 2 15:44:56 EDT 2007

Hello Uwe and Rich,

So, I guess if reportlab works fine with Python 2.3, I think my problem
may be because of unsufficient libraries as Wayne suggested, or maybe
wetware as Rich suggests. But, is it possible that even with insufficient
libraries, Python programs would run without problems?

I can try installing Python 2.4 or 2.5 and see if the missing libraries
are included there. I just wish I knew what were these missing libraries!

Looks like if I dont get this done soon, it would be a looooong time
before I leave the Ivory Tower :-(



> Reportlab works just fine with python 2.3

> I still have one installation (32 bit) with 2.3 and everything is peachy

> there.

> Uwe

> > The location of the python library files are usr/lib64/python2.3 and


> > /location of the python interpreter is usr/bin.

> David,


> Python-2.4 is shipped with many distributions, and -2.5 is available. I

> don't know if ReportLabs has issues with the -2.3 release, but other

> libraries will.


> From what you've written, you don't have a hardware or software problem,

> but a wetware problem: your SysAdmin. That issue, unfortunately, cannot


> solved by subscribers to a technical mail list. Your management is the

> sourse of a solution, but that probably involves corporate political


> fraught with danger for mere developers like yourself.


> You have my sympathies.


> Rich

> > I'm quite sure that the fault was on his side since he's known to have

> > caused problems with other people's applications before.

> David,

> Ah, yes. You're in academia, not the real world. That's even more

> problematical.

> Go to www.python.org and see what's included in the distribution. Also

> look for tests that you can run as a user. Someone on a python newsgroup


> mail list can also help you to install ReportLabs locally so python will

> find and use it.

> Good luck ... I escaped from the ivory tower more than two decades ago


> have never regretted leaving,

> Rich

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