[reportlab-users] Table autosizing

Remi Cool mailinglists at smartology.nl
Tue Mar 27 03:56:09 EDT 2007

Andy Robinson wrote:

> Remi Cool wrote:

>> Hello,


>> I generate PDF documents from rml (xml) source. When I use let's say a

>> 2 column table, the columns are equally sized at 50% of the available

>> width. That's ok for some cases, but doesn't look good when the text in

>> the first column is not that wide. Would it be possible to autosize the

>> table to the width of the largest text fragment (in the first column) or

>> would I need to code such functionality myself?


> If you're using Report Markup Language (tm), it does this. You can

> also explicitly specify column widths as percentages or fixed amounts.


> If you are using Tiny RML, (which is not written by us), then you're

> on your own. Sorry.


> If using Platypus, the layer of our library which supports RML and (as

> far as I know) Tiny RML, I believe it should auto-size. It looks at a

> reasonable number of rows at the front, so auto-sizing may not be

> perfect for very long tables.

I'm using platypus (with RML) and I know I can set the column widths but
it doesn't autosize by default. Do I need to set some attribute to make
it autosize?

- Remi -

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