[reportlab-users] ascii85

Robin Becker robin at reportlab.com
Wed Mar 7 07:49:27 EST 2007

Uwe Hoffmann wrote:

> Hi,

> the pdf interpreter in some (all ?) HP printers is not able to properly

> interpret ascii85 encoded streams when confronted with

> whitespace between the two terminating characters ( ~> ) .

> I have read the ascii85/pdf spec and think the current reportlab

> behaviour is correct. Nevertheless i think the printers won't be

> able to correctly work with such documents in the near future.


> As a workaround i have removed the _wrap call .


> regards,

> Uwe


Is this a problem only when the last line but one terminates at the ~


I'm not certain why we actually needed the line wrapping anyhow, no one would
want to edit those sections. As you say the spec says ignore all white space.
Let's make that _wrap an option in rl_config with default 0.
Robin Becker

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