[reportlab-users] Z SQL to ReportLab

Chris Withers chris at simplistix.co.uk
Fri Mar 2 14:24:08 EST 2007

Hi Chris,

Everett, H. Chris wrote:

> I am totally new to web programming and I need to get the query results

> from a Z SQL method in Zope into a report generated by an external

> Python method that uses ReportLab (i.e. a modified rlzope). The idea is

> to be able to click an icon in a Plone application to initiate a

> (mySQL?) database query whose returned information is integrated into a

> pdf file generated by ReportLab.

Sounds like you want to want do have an external method that iterates
over the results of a ZSQL method and pokes reportlab to do what you want.

When you say "integrated into a pdf file", do you mean you have a pdf
template you want to populate with the data from the relational
database, or just that you want to output the data to a pdf?

Do you have a budget for this or are you looking to do it "for free"?



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