[reportlab-users] Using Page Layouts

Rich Shepard rshepard at appl-ecosys.com
Thu Jul 12 18:16:29 EDT 2007

Based on example code, I have two functions that define the page layout
for the first page of a report and for all subsequent pages. Lacking clever
geek imagination, they are called FirstPage() and LaterPages().

For each report I have a function. (The paragraph and table styles are
defined at the head of the class rather than within each function.) The
function defines story = [], extracts rows from tables, formats the
flowables and calls story.append() for each one. I also have a function that
builds a comprehensive report from the individual functions.

What I don't know is where to call FirstPage() and LaterPages(). I've
obviously missed this important point when reading the docs and examples.
Guidance appreciated.


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