[reportlab-users] UsersGuide Platypus including '<' in text

george georgel at telebyte.com
Sun Oct 29 21:06:42 EST 2006

That doesn't work.
I goofed on earlier code
Here's the code with &lt

    The lines are a bit jagged.
    Inspection of the table indicates that the
    values have been rounded to 100 calorie increments.
    Next I'll try to approximate these lines.

    Story.append(Paragraph('m*x + b &lt limit',style))

    The lines should be of the form y = m*x +b.
    We need 3 lines denoted by m0 ... m3, b0 ... b3.
    For each data point error = y-m*x-b and error le maxe and error ge mine.
    We must minimize maxe1-mine1+maxe2-mine1+maxe3-mine3.
    The for columns in the tableau I use m1, b1, min1, max1,
    ,m2, b2, min2, max2, m3, b3, min3, max3.

Here's the result

     >>> ================================ RESTART

    Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "L:\HereAndThere\BLOODSUGAR\caloryCount.py", line 143, in
        Story.append(Paragraph('m*x + b &lt limit',style))
    line 445, in __init__
        self._setup(text, style, bulletText, frags, cleanBlockQuotedText)
    line 469, in _setup
        raise "xml parser error (%s) in paragraph beginning\n'%s'"\
    xml parser error (; missing in entityref) in paragraph beginning
    'm*x + b &lt limit'

I'm using reportlab_2_0 under python24.

Thanks for prompt response.

Robin Becker wrote:

> george wrote:
>> Im documenting some text which includes the following m*x + b < 
>> limit.  When try to insert this into a Paragraph, I get an error 
>> message ending
>>     raise "xml parser error (%s) in paragraph beginning\n'%s'"\
>>    xml parser error (bogus < or &) in paragraph beginning
>>    'm*x + b < limit'
>>     >>>
>> I haven't been able to find out how to escape 'reserved' characters 
>> such as '<' and '>'.
>> thanks
>> george
> use &lt; &amp; &gt; for < & > which are the standard xml entities.

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