[reportlab-users] rotated text (90º) in a table cell

Andy Robinson andy at reportlab.com
Tue Oct 17 11:52:33 EDT 2006

paulino1 at sapo.pt wrote:
> How can i rotate the text in a table cell by 90º?

Probably by doing a lot of maths in your head :-(
There are no features to do it for you

> Specially when I don't know the height of the previous rows.
> The canvas.rotate() feature puts the text in a fixed place in the page.

You can rotate around a known point by doing this...

canvas.translate(new_x, new_y)
canvas.translate(-new_x, -new_y)

I think your best chance is to define a small flowable object which does 
a rotation at the beginning of its draw method, then draws the needed 

- Andy

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