[reportlab-users] KeepInFrame.drawOn() working?

Robin Becker robin at reportlab.com
Thu Oct 5 10:33:20 EDT 2006

Dinu Gherman wrote:
> Robin Becker:
>> The keepinframe thing is variable sized up to the maximum specified in 
>> the creation call, but nothing tells it to draw at a particular place 
>> relative to the external rectangle.
>> When the frame adds, the KeepInFrame is added top down in the frame at 
>> the next available space. I originally wanted the make the KeepInFrame 
>> a special sort of frame, but Andy didn't like the idea so it became a 
>> sort of squashable container flowable.
> I think I understand that better now. Basically I had drawn
> the flowable before wrapping it. If you do it the other way
> round all KeepInFrame modes work as expected.

except that yesterday while fixing some bad behavior yesterday I saw we were 
using availWidth/height not maxWidth/Height (if specified) in the wrap method so 
things go wrong if wrap "lies" as is done sometimes in table cells when trying 
to work out their required sizes.
Robin Becker

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