[reportlab-users] combine documents

Andy Robinson andy at reportlab.com
Tue Oct 3 01:42:36 EDT 2006

David S. wrote:
> I use platypus to create a set of beautiful documents. My client thinks they are
> great but wants them all crammed together in one PDF to print at one time.  So,
> besides refactoring the construction of all these documents, is there a way to
> combine them? It would be very useful magic!
> So again, is there a way to take 2 or more PDFs and basically just concatentate
> them?

We have a commercial utility called PageCatcher to do exactly this; and 
there's a free one here:

pdftk will work on the finished PDF files, so may be a tad less 
efficient in terms of speed but will certainly stick the pages together.

I'll email some pricing info to you by direct mail in case you like the 
idea of, er, your client supporting ReportLab's code base ;-)

Best Regards,

Andy Robinson

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