[reportlab-users] ZapfDingbats icon problem

Dave S report at pusspaws.net
Sat Nov 25 13:45:22 EST 2006

On Saturday 25 November 2006 11:18, Andy Robinson wrote:

> > However XP Adobe Reader just renders it as black squares. I have attached

> > my temp.pdf - can you guys read it in XP ?


> Yes, looks fine to me.


> - Andy

Ahh the solution :):):)

Having 'borrowed' some code from stdfonts.py, if I use the following it
generates 4 x chars that I can add to strings that works a treat in XP :)

tick = chr(52).decode('ZapfDingbatsEncoding').encode('utf8')
cross = chr(54).decode('ZapfDingbatsEncoding').encode('utf8')
upArrow = chr(115).decode('ZapfDingbatsEncoding').encode('utf8')
downArrow = chr(116).decode('ZapfDingbatsEncoding').encode('utf8')

Many many thanks for all your help


PS Although I am less than well versed in utf8 and unicode (understatement) I
have developed a general library based on reportlab to help automatically
generate user and reference manuals from embedded system config files.

This may be a bit ninche - but if you want the scripts let me know

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