[reportlab-users] Text scaling and finding out how much space text will take up

Tim Roberts timr at probo.com
Wed Nov 1 12:30:52 EST 2006

Chris Withers wrote:

> pier carteri wrote:
>> Hi,
>> you can obtain the width of a string using the canvas method
>> stringwidth(text, font_name, font_size, encoding)
> Cool :-)
> How will this interact with TrueType fonts?

With few exceptions, all fonts are the same in ReportLab.  Note that the
"font_name" here is the registered name, not the TTF file name. 
Usually, what you want is the "current font":
    w = canvas.stringWidth( "measure this", canvas._fontname,
canvas._fontsize )

I'm not sure where Pier got his code; the canvas.stringWidth method does
not take an "encoding" parameter.

Tim Roberts, timr at probo.com
Providenza & Boekelheide, Inc.

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