[reportlab-users] Examples for Euro in Paragraphs

Andy Robinson andy at reportlab.com
Fri May 12 06:04:41 EDT 2006

Tim Stoop wrote:
> Hi people,
> I can't seem to get Euro-support working from within a Paragraph. If I 
> follow the example in the guide, I get a ó instead of a €. Does anyone 
> have an example which should work?
> I'm using MacPython 2.4 with Reportlab 1.20 from Darwinports on MacOSX.

It would take us time to set up that exact configuration, but if you can 
do so, I suggest to take the latest code from subversion.  This is our
"version 2.0" release, which is in production now on many projects and 
well tested, but we're just going through the user guide rewriting/ 
simplifying topics like the above before releasing it.   (We found a 
depressing amount of stuff in the manual to update!).  Should be out
next week.

With the current software it might be a bug or might depend on the exact 
font you are using and where the Euro character appears within it.

The code now supports Unicode or UTF8 input throughout, irrespective of 
the fonts you are using, so you can just use "\u20AC" in Python source; 
if the input is from a file or database in UTF8, it should "just work".

Hope this helps,

Andy Robinson

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