[reportlab-users] Re: Re: Re: Re[2]: Looking for a How-to to get memoving quickly

Jorge Godoy godoy at ieee.org
Sun May 7 12:17:55 EDT 2006

Andy Robinson wrote:

> Yes, that's prettu much our plan for 2.1.

That will be great, thanks! :-)

> We need to get 2.0 out first without adding new requirements or we will
> delay forever, but then the main progression in the 2.X series should be
> installability, documentation and examples.

I really don't know if docs should be first or second :-)  I believe second
should be better since it takes longer to have than installability and with
them you can already have a huge step towards examples.  It is nice,
though, seeing that they are a priority.

> John Lee is going to have a go at setuptools and eggs and see if we can
> make it all work, at least for the open source distro.  This may involve
> much discussion of config file locations, font caches etc which I dare not
> get into now :-). If we can do that, even without new functionality, I
> would call it 2.1.

I'm a newbie with RL, but if I can help, I'm willing to offer some time with
that.  I need to start using it and getting to know it better ;-)

> But we found distutils to be a huge PITA 3 years ago and I hope setuptools
> makes it easier!

Me too, but not so long ago.  Setuptools works much better for me.  To the
point that my first attempts are always with it and only then, if I get
some error message, I use distutils.

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