[reportlab-users] Re: Re: Re[2]: Looking for a How-to to get me moving quickly

Jorge Godoy godoy at ieee.org
Sat May 6 19:36:07 EDT 2006

Andy Robinson wrote:

> Actually this is what just changed in a big way on the trunk last month,
> and will become the "version 2.0" label in the next week or two.   It
> just got much simpler, and this part will be very clearly documented in
> the "What's new" page for the release - I promise!
> Check out the trunk from subversion - instructions here:
> http://www.reportlab.org/subversion.html
> I hope to check in a tutorial-style test case this weekend and I'll put
> your words in ;-)  It should accept UTF8 or unicode objects virtually
> anywhere, and if it doesn't then we want to know right  now.  The few
> remaining issues are things like Outline entries and meta-info for the
> document (Creator Author etc.), which use a weird internal Adobe
> encoding, and currently are passed straight through.

I'm stealing an email I've written to Ben, so maybe you could get something
like that in the docs or complement test cases to help newbies (such as
myself ;-)):

As I see it, the most needed structures are:

        - headers
        - paragraphs (italics, bold, underline comes here)
        - footnotes
        - bulleted lists
        - numbered lists (ordered lists...)
        - tables
        - graphs
        - different indentation (specially for quotations)

Except for the lists, indentation and footnotes you covered all of them, 
making it a good start for a basic document.

Then you could get fancy:

        - quotation boxes with a different background and font
        - text columns (2 or 3, like in a magazine)
        - images in the middle of two columns with the text around them
        - margin notes
        - frames
        - ...

Having those would cover all what one would need to write a good report with 
ReportLab.  Your approach is excellent.  I got some things that I couldn't 
and that made me go away from RL...  I'm even thinking about trying it 
again :-)

Going to download it ;-)

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