[reportlab-users] Reverse order of pages

John Smith jsmith030416 at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Jun 27 10:25:41 EDT 2006


I need to reverse the order in which the final pages
are assembled inside my document.

This is a simple brochure on one piece of landscape A3
folded over.

So there are 4 logical pages:

* cover
* 2
* 3
* back.

I have created two page templates:

* inner template (2,3)
* outer template (back,cover)

Inner template contains two frames, the first
representing page 2, the second representing page 3.

Outer template contains one frame on the lefthand
side,  where flowables spilling over from page3 can

The front cover is a nice graphic rendered via
canvas.drawImage on the right hand side of outer

Everything works great (Thank you ReportLab!).

But, of course the brochure is rendered inner template
first (which is what my flowables need, but means the
page with the cover is not the first page to be seen
by viewers).

Is there any way to reverse the order of the rendered



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