[reportlab-users] Unicode support in platypus.para Module?

Dirk Holtwick holtwick at spirito.de
Sun Jun 25 04:58:25 EDT 2006


at first it is great that now Unicode is widely supported in the
Reportlab Toolkit. Thanks.

Now to my problem: I use the platypus.para module for generating pages.
If I now use an opcode that is coded in UTF-8 or Unicode I get
exceptions. The easiest way to reproduce this, is to encode a string in
the 'test_program' in the module itself.

To fix an error I got with my program I changed the method "runOpCodes"
in line 703 of the recent version in the repository to:

                    opcode = opcode.encode("latin1","ignore")
                    text = escape(opcode)

Then it works fine for Postscript and TTF fonts. Any idea?

Bye, Dirk

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