[reportlab-users] general problems on a brand new 2.0 install

Andy Robinson andy at reportlab.com
Thu Jun 22 04:16:20 EDT 2006

R. Alan Monroe wrote:
> Brand new user here - are these known problems or just user error on
> my end?
> 1. I still get the same "UnboundLocalError: local variable 'w' referenced
> before assignment" error as mentioned in this old post:
> http://two.pairlist.net/pipermail/reportlab-users/2006-May/004959.html

This was a bug affecting people who don't have PIL installed. Fixed in 
subversion on May 23; please pick up a daily snapshot or check out from 
SVN, or add the line below...
     if haveImages:
         (w, h) = c.drawImage(gif, (1.5 + i)*inch, 3*inch) 	 

         (w, h) = c.drawImage(gif, (1.5 + i)*inch, 3*inch)
   	(w, h) = (144, 10)    <---------  ADD THIS LINE........
         c.rect((1.5 + i)*inch, 3*inch, 110, 44) 	

> 2. "setup.py install" doesn't copy the graphics\barcode folder, nor
> docs\*.pdf to the destination folder.

The second one is an obvious bug in the setup script.  We added the 
barcode directory late.  I hate distutils, it can't just 'copy the tree' 
and we have to remember to enumerate every directory.   I asked a 
colleague to amend this and also add a unittest which references the 
barcode package or test script, so that the test script will pick this 
up in future.  We'll post here and then the daily snapshot should sort 
it out.

- Andy

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