[reportlab-users] Re: warnOnMissingFontGlyphs does not work?

gabor gabor at nekomancer.net
Mon Jun 19 16:18:35 EDT 2006

Andy Robinson wrote:
>> btw. please note, that even without the coding-specifier, i could have 
>> simply used escape sequences.
>> this '\xe6\x97\xa5\xe6\x9c\xac\xe8\xaa\x9e' for example is nihongo in 
>> utf8.
>> i'm sorry but i don't agree. what do you mean by unpredictable?
>> i simply would define a list of truetype files, and reportLab would 
>> fall back to the next font file in case of missing characters. afaik 
>> all the browsers do this.
> I agree with this position.   Also, I read Japanese and we have just 
> done a large double-byte project - I am well aware that when you mix 
> Western and Japanese text, you want the Western font to be 'as good as 
> usual'.  But we don't have the feature today and will have to try to fit
> it in with other upcoming development...
thanks a lot...

so for now it means to use a font with a good unicode coverage (will 
probably be ms-arial-unicode)..

do you know any font that covers both european + asian characters 


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