[reportlab-users] Platypus Gives NameError on Import

Nicholas Urie halthecomputer at letterboxes.org
Thu Jun 15 13:45:03 EDT 2006

Nicholas Urie wrote:
> When I try to run any of the platypus examples in the user guide (p. 56
> or p. 57), I get the following error:
>> NameError: name '__loader__' is not defined

Ok, I finally figured out the problem. Thanks for everyones help. I
should have mentioned that I'm running the script under the Wing IDE
debugger. I belatedly tried running it on the command line and it works
fine. Apparently WingIDE's default setting is Always Report NameError
exceptions. So it would see the exception being raised and the debugger
grabs it before the except clause can get its hands on it. And it
immediately crashes and burns. What a stupid default. Anyways, to make a
long story short, the steps for solving this are:
- go to Edit > Preferences > Debugger-Exceptions
- select NameError in the "Always Report" Box and click on remove
- click on OK.

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