[reportlab-users] Platypus Gives NameError on Import

Nicholas Urie halthecomputer at letterboxes.org
Thu Jun 15 12:50:41 EDT 2006

Shayan Raghavjee wrote:
> It might be the python path, I used to have problem with code located in
> the Python directory and not in the site-packages directory because the
> python main dir wasn't in the python path.
> It could work from the python prompt because the current path would be
> c:\python24 and the module is right there, but if you run it from the
> command line, the current path would be c:\Documents and
> Settings\Aardvark\My Documents\reportlab\ and the module obviously isn't.
> Hopefully it's that simple.

You're my hero! ;-) Setting the pythonpath to "C:\python24\reportlab"

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