[reportlab-users] Less than, Greater than, Ampersand, Oh My!

Nicholas Urie halthecomputer at letterboxes.org
Tue Jun 13 16:11:36 EDT 2006

I just joined the list, so I had to copy and paste this from the archives:
> this is caused by your using (I think) version 0.55 of the _rl_accel.pyd. I 
> believe I have now fixed that in version 0.56.
> Try executing this at a command prompt
> python -c"import _rl_accel;print _rl_accel.version"
> 0.55 indicates the bad version of the _rl_accel.pyd. You should be able to get 
> the latest version at
> http://www.reportlab.org/downloads.html#dlls
> This problem was my fault. I added in strikethrough capability after 2.0 came 
> out and then noticed I needed to support that in the accelerator. The first 
> attempt was backwardly incompatible so I fixed that by making the _sameFrag 
> tester slightly more lenient.

I'm using reportlab 2.0 on python 2.4 on windows.

I'm pretty sure the dlls are not properly updated. If you go to:
it has a version of _rl_accel updated on the June 6, presumably the new
version. But if you head to:
it has a version of _rl_accel modified on June 6, and I have confirmed
that it is version 0.55.

I noticed this problem becuase I get the error:
> AttributeError: ABag instance has no attribute 'strike'
when I try to run
> C:\Python24\reportlab\docs\userguide>python genuserguide.py

its a bit of a problem when you can't build the user guide.

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