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Yes, there is a "graphics guide" which should be under ReportLab on your start menu. 
- andy
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Thanks Andy.

Does report lab have a reference of all the attributes?

Best regards,
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Steve Bowsher wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to create a line chart where the x (horizontal) axis
> intersects the y-axis at it's lowest value. The chart might contain 
> negative values.
> Is there attribute change that will enable this to happen?

Hi Steve,

Assuming it's a horizontalLineChart, use:
    chart.categoryAxis.joinAxisMode = 'bottom'

Some charts have two value axes so the 'categoryAxis' will be called 
something else, but each axis has a joinAxisMode.

If you want to do anything more fancy here are all the ways you can join

axes.  Allowed values are: 'bottom'; 'top'; 'value' or 'points'

If you set it to 'value', then 'joinAxisPos' attribute will specify a 
y-value in real world units (e.g. pounds, growth rates or whatever). If
you set it to 'points' then 'joinAxisPos' can be used to specify that 
  it joins e.g. [50] points above the bottom of the chart bounding box.

Hope this helps,

Andy Robinson

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