[reportlab-users] ParagraphAndImage flowable

Andy Robinson andy at reportlab.com
Fri Jun 2 11:31:23 EDT 2006

Matt Page-Lieberman wrote:
> No.  I haven't started to work with IAF yet.  We're having problems with 
> PAI because the leftIndent pushed the paragraph further and further away 
> from the image when the image is too the left.  We had to do a horrible 
> hack where PAI accepts a leftIndent argument and both the image and 
> paragraph are indented based on that.

So you want to render the icons and the text next to them in something 
like a tree view in PDF?

The only problem I see is the little grey lines to the left of the icon. 
If you don't need them, the Indenter should do the trick, and the 
padding properties in IAF should let you get it all aligned right.

- Andy

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