[reportlab-users] save pdf as pdf

Andy Robinson andy at reportlab.com
Tue Jul 25 07:22:39 EDT 2006

Mike Dewhirst wrote:
> How can I produce a pdf document which does NOT permit readers to save 
> as anything other than pdf?

That needs our commercial PdfEncrypt component, or one of a hundred 
postprocessing tools which can apply a password and a number of yes/no 
rights to a PDF document.

It's also seriously flawed.  Any piece of software able to open and 
correctly render a PDF page by definition has all the info it needs to 
extract.  Adobe Reader and others are supposed to follow conventions of 
not making it easy for people to extract text, images, print etc. but 
you cannot count on everyone using those.

What are you trying to stop people doing?  Give me the business story 
and I'll try to help.  If it's confidential you can email directly.
to {my first name} at reportlab dot com

Best Regards

Andy Robinson

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