[reportlab-users] very basic questions

Andy Robinson andy at reportlab.com
Thu Jul 20 17:03:18 EDT 2006

bobby f wrote:
> *All* my text flows togerther. Do I need extra
> paragraph objects? If so, can i get coordinate info
> from drawOn?

I think you need to look at a working Platypus script and see if your 
app can be modelled as a story - a sequence of paragraphs.

In our model, if it starts a new line, it's called a Paragraph, and you 
have to create that object and add it to the list of things to be 
rendered.  If you are starting off with sme stream of markup or 
structured text, you'll have to parse it and build the list of 
paragraphs you need.  Platypus will handle flow from page to page.

and the others beginning with test_platypus_*.py are the places to 
start.  Run them, look at the PDF, then see how it's done.

 > And, also, can I get two paragraph objects to flow
 > text into eahc other (sequentially?)

I don't understand what this means.  Can you explain further?

Hope this helps,


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