[reportlab-users] prevent paragraph splitting up

John J. Lee jjlee at reportlab.com
Tue Jul 11 13:45:24 EDT 2006

Hi Mike

The only "forum" for our open-source toolkit is this mailing list that 
you've just subscribed to.  We don't have a web-based forum -- you can 
sign up to this mailing list on the web, and also view the archives on the 
web, but it's still a regular mailing list.

If you want the email to stop, you can unsubscribe here:



On Tue, 11 Jul 2006, Mike Hodkin wrote:

> Hello,
> I downloaded ReportLab yesterday and tried to subscribe to the forum on your 
> site, but instead am getting these list emainlings...and I can't seem to 
> loggon to the forum.  Please advise.
> mhodkin at comcast.net

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