[reportlab-users] new sample

Dinu Gherman gherman at darwin.in-berlin.de
Sun Feb 26 05:54:55 EST 2006

Joerg Maeckle:

> since reportlab is not (yet?) able to import pdf or eps files,
> the logo at the upper left side is imported by a script invoking
> sid stewards wonderful pdftk. but this is it.

This particular logo seems to be very easy to create with a few
lines of Python code using ReportLab Graphics only. A long time
ago I wrote a component for circular text, which is still unre-
leased, though, that would make it really trivial (I just wrote
a simple proof of concept):


Or you might use Jerôme's code for doing something like this, if
you don't mind its GPL license:


> [...] custom tt-fonds (and i'm still looking for a solution to
> justify-align them - it's not possible with ttf!?).

Justifying TTF should work, but for narrow columns like the left
one in your sample the result will be rather ugly (see your Eng-
lish version) or you need to use tricks for hyphenation by hand
(as I assume you did in your Russian version).

Built-in hyphenation seems to be an ongoing issue with the Report-
Lab frameworks, that I regard as the most more or less deliberate-
ly ignored missing feature.



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