[reportlab-users] (no subject)

Eric G. Barron egb at usno.navy.mil
Wed Feb 8 07:56:17 EST 2006

Hi all,

I'm having quite a problem I just haven't been able to solve.  I have  
a script that takes input from an html form, grabs some data from a  
mysql database (through mysql-python), and then creates a Table().   
It works great on our server.  Our colleagues in Great Britain have a  
mirror site, but there's a problem _with the same script_ when run on  
their server.  They're using the same version of Python (2.3.4) and  
Reportlab (1.20).

The problem is that whenever the output is more than one page, none  
of the SPANs work.  To make the page heading, I just put the heading  
as the first row of the table and spanned all the columns.  The  
second row of the table are the column headings, and some of those  
span several columns.  The third row of the table are units that  
appear under the column headings.  I repeat those three rows on every  
page.  On our server, things work all of the time, no matter how many  
pages the output needs...the page header (first row) is always  
centered and spans all columns.  The column headers that need to span  
multiple columns do so.  On the server in GB, things work if the  
output only uses one page, but on multiple pages it's like the SPANs  
don't even exist.

When building the document, I use onFirstPage and onLaterPages to  
make page footers...I tried turning that off, thinking that it may  
have been something with the onLaterPages option, but the problem  
still existed.

Like I said, this wouldn't be so frustrating except that the _exact  
same script_ (okay, so the mysql usernames and passwords are  
different :) ) works on our server without this issue.  I copied the  
'broken' script directly from their cgi-bin directory to ours...and  
it was no longer broken.

Thanks in advance for any help or ideas.


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