[reportlab-users] Problems with filling cells with large paragraphs (LayoutError: Flowable)

Andy Robinson andy at reportlab.com
Wed Feb 1 16:43:33 EST 2006

Nathan wrote:

>I'll second this request for help.  I've run into the same two issues.
> I've been trying to work around the "Paragraph too large" error by
>catching the crash and then splitting all large-looking paragraphs
>into smaller paragraphs and using more rows in the table and then
>redoing the template and rebuilding, but that's a rather messy method
>and almost doubles my code length, not to mention that I end up with
>more rows than I should.
>Seems like table cells just need to be able to split across multiple pages.
>~ Nathan
That's true.  It gets us too.  We haven't yet found a way to do it - the 
table split algorithm is
already very complex and has to handle a lot of situations.  Regrettably 
there are more urgent
development tasks in the next 1-2 months but if anyone else wants to 
work on a patch we'd
certainly try to help.

- Andy

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