[reportlab-users] Math Typesetting in Reportlab

wayne allen scott wayne at wayne-scott.com
Thu Dec 28 21:10:51 EST 2006

>How about mathematical equations and other math typesetting? Is there

support for that (it isn't necessary, but it might be handy so I threw that
in. . .).

I have had success in typesetting mathematics equations in Reportlab by
using SVGMath and Dinu Gherman's "experimental" SVG conversion utility,

SVGMath is a Python utility that takes MathML and converts it to SVG.
SVGlib takes the SVG and converts it to Reportlab drawing objects.

SVGMath does not have a complete MathML function library but it is very
good at what it does have.

The MathML to SVG to Repostlab drawing object to PDF converting tends to
be VERY SLOW but if you are not doing many math equations it may be

Wayne Scott

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