[reportlab-users] Unicode for tables

anu radha anuradha256 at yahoo.co.in
Tue Dec 19 08:02:32 EST 2006

Hi Dani,

Thank u for the replay.
I tried.I am able to generate the pdf file but with black boxes. I am using greek ,russian etc languages.
I tried with utf-8 also but I am not successed.
Please help me out.


I need to unicode the table content.
I am passing list to table object (t1 = Table(data, None, None))
How to unicode the table content.

try something like this:

def u(x): return unicode(x, 'cp1251')

t1 = Table(u(data), None, None)

The previous works only for paragraph.

For table:
def u(x): return unicode(x, 'cp1251')
data = [map(u, row) for row in data]

t1 = Table(data, None, None))

Regards, Dani

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