[reportlab-users] Dot separators in text

Andy Robinson andy at reportlab.com
Fri Dec 1 12:27:13 EST 2006

Jim Steil wrote:

> Hi,

> I’m trying to create a PDF that has a table in it that looks like the

> attached picture. Can anyone point me down the right path to get the

> dot separators between the two ends of the line? The width of the text

> on both ends of the line may vary and I’d prefer to not have to

> calculate how many dots need to be included so that both the right and

> left edges are justified.

We haven't done this yet, but I have often wanted the same thing in a
table of contents. I guess we need a special flowable to do this.
(which would be a useful precursor to the totally-automatic
table-of-contents object everyone wants...).

Contributions are welcome, but we might well be able to look at this
after Dec 15th if you can wait. Our major customers seem to be wanting
a Christmas break, so we might get a couple of week's relative quiet to
do a release
with some new features ;-)

- Andy

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