[reportlab-users] Page Numbering without Platypus

Rob Schall rschall at callone.net
Mon Aug 28 17:09:46 EDT 2006

I'm currently working on a python class which will automatically 
generate contracts for our company. Since they are legal documents, I 
need to ensure the page numbers are at the bottom in the X of Y format. 
However, everything I've found online refers to using platypus to make 
it work. I've made the attempt to do it without, but either I'm 
definatly not very good with reportlab, or I'm just missing something. 
Currently, the program watches the status of each page and determines if 
you are nearing a page end. Once it determines a new page is needed, it 
runs the "footer" function which looks like this:

def footer(self, posX, posY):
        """Show Footer Information"""

        width, height = self.c._pagesize
        width -= self.RightMargin + self.LeftMargin
        self.c.drawCentredString(width/2, posY, self.data["footer"])
        print ('setPage%d'%self.pageNumber)
        self.c.drawString(width/2,posY-10,"Page 1 of 
        self.pageNumber += 1

then a showPage is done and it continues on. Just before the final save, 
i have final function that does:

def pageNumbers(self):

        for page in range(1,self.pageNumber):
           print ("setPage%d"%page)

        return 1

Right now, they all appear on the last page. I'm not fully sure why, or 
how to fix this. If there's anyone who doesn't think I'm nuts and can 
help me out with this, I would GREATLY appreciate it. My head is 
exploding. Yay Python. :)

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