[reportlab-users] Clearing display page

David H bluepaul at earthlink.net
Sat Aug 26 18:11:39 EDT 2006

Hi ReportLab List,

I have an Zope application that uses ReportLab to generate acrobat 
viewable reports. 

Heres the problem: 

I display an acrobat report (Firefox or IE 6) and say scroll down to 
page 10.  I then use the <browser> back button to re-enter my Zope 

Now, even if my users click various pages and then return to the Report 
(which is always freshly generated) it will try to re-display at page 10 
- instead of top of page.  This occurs even if the data being rewported 
has changed.  This occurs even if a different report is generated!

Note: that I use

import tempfile and 

tmpFile2 = tempfile.mktemp() to keep pdfPath's unique.

Anyway around this or suggestions?

Thanks for any help,

David H

I'm using ReportLab 1.20, Zope 2.78 and an external python script + 
ReportLab to generate the PDFs.  The Server is Linux Ubuntu 5.10.

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