[reportlab-users] Re: pie, pie3d Proporation issues

Robin Becker robin at reportlab.com
Mon Oct 31 03:31:53 EST 2005

Liron Keren wrote:
> We have noticed that sometime there is proportions problems with the
> Charts. You can take a look at the attached script for example, you will
> see that you can barley see the chart but the legend is very big.
> If you will try the exploded pie charts you will see they look much
> better.

Liron, I confirm the layout problem. It seems the original design was 
too conservative in padding the contents for pie3d/pie type charts.

I have fixed the bug and will build a new PC distro today. I cannot see 
any reason why the MAC version should not suffer from this problem 
though. I will try a test later today with the latest OS-X version to 
Robin Becker

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