[reportlab-users] More than 1 empty frame - how to do that

T. Kort spam at banza.net
Mon Oct 10 09:37:30 EDT 2005


When I put two FrameBreaks after each other in a frame, that shows only
one empty frame. When I try to force it by putting a Spacer (which is
nearly as high as the frame - enough less for padding) before the
FrameBreaks a LayoutError-exception occurs.

Has anybody an idea how to make a 'hard' frame break?

By the way: I also got sometimes this LayoutError-exception for a Spacer
that was just 5 points high (width 1) when it was at the end of a frame.
For this reason I don't use Spacers. (I'm using the current Release of
repotlab (1.20))

Thanks in advance

T. Kort

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