[reportlab-users] PLATYPUS & PDF

Robin Becker robin at reportlab.com
Wed Oct 5 06:41:46 EDT 2005

george wrote:
> How do I get pdf bookmarks into PLATYPUS documents?
> A brief example please
> george

There's an example in the test_platypus_toc.py script. Basically inherit from 
your document template class and use an afterFlowable method.

class MyDocTemplate(BaseDocTemplate):
	"The document template used for all PDF documents."

	_invalidInitArgs = ('pageTemplates',)

	def __init__(self, filename, **kw):
		frame1 = Frame(2.5*cm, 2.5*cm, 15*cm, 25*cm, id='F1')
		self.allowSplitting = 0
		apply(BaseDocTemplate.__init__, (self, filename), kw)
		template = PageTemplate('normal', [frame1], myMainPageFrame)

	def afterFlowable(self, flowable):
		"Registers TOC entries and makes outline entries."

		if flowable.__class__.__name__ == 'Paragraph':
			styleName = flowable.style.name
			if styleName[:7] == 'Heading':
				# Register TOC entries.
				level = int(styleName[7:])
				text = flowable.getPlainText()
				pageNum = self.page
				self.notify('TOCEntry', (level, text, pageNum))

				# Add PDF outline entries (not really needed/tested here).
				key = str(hash(flowable))
				c = self.canv
				c.addOutlineEntry(text, key, level=level, closed=0)

Robin Becker

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