[reportlab-users] PDF forms

George Jansen GJANSEN at aflcio.org
Tue Nov 29 13:26:09 EST 2005

Getting the ReportLab libraries to run with mod_python is trivial, and generating a custom PDF out of a Python Server Page is very quick on a desktop PC running Fedora.

The question is how to represent the document to be customized. For the coder, a reasonable answer is XML; we'll define a format, write some hooks for xml.parsers.expat, and we're off. For the designer who is putting together the leaflet, flyer, what have you, this is not even close to a reasonable answer. The document will be designed in Quark or InDesign, thank you very much, and saved as a PDF with form fields. Expressions such as "XML", "CDATA" etc. aren't in his vocabulary.

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