[reportlab-users] Visual Editor

Andy Robinson andy at reportlab.com
Mon Nov 28 17:28:43 EST 2005

> Is that true?  It was my (possibly mistaken) understanding that EPS 
> files were limited to a limited subset of PostScript.

The EPS spec says that they should basically not mess up the stack for 
the enclosing document.  It doesn't say 'no clever algorithms'.  On the
other hand, any sane graphics program writes out bezier curves and lines
as Postscript primitives; and I don't know of any graphic designers
who hand code subroutines ;-)

The one area where I have seen a lot of *code* at the top of EPS files 
is colour-separated postscript, which involves some very cunning 
redefinition of the PS drawing operations.  We generate this in our 
commercial framework, and I am very grateful we don't need to interpret 
it or parse it ;-)

So in the real world I am sure Sketch's import will do the job. For
true perfection one would want to write an export utility or add-on
to Ghostscript, which sees the 'executed' postscript at the right point.

- Andy

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