[reportlab-users] Visual Editor

Andy Robinson andy at reportlab.com
Mon Nov 28 17:25:10 EST 2005

> What Skencil does have is an import filter for Illustrator files as
> generated by Illustrator <= 8.  That format is based on EPS and
> relatively easy to parse.  It's very similar to a PDF page description.
> The import filter is a bit incomplete, but most important things are
> supported.

Yes, this is what I expected.    I am not aware of any real-world
graphics application which actually puts executable postscript
subroutines into its pictures - which is good.

ReportLab could easily add a 'raw' graphics format which is just
PDF operators, and we could have an eps_to_rawpdf.py to make
it easier for people to bring in artwork, as long as they knew
about the font and colour space implications.  This is a separate
project to the visual editor but still a big win.

> Actually, Skencil uses reportlab for PDF export.  It doesn't have a
> piddle backend.

Aha.  Sorry, I'm about 6 years out of date there ;-)

Best Regards,


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