[reportlab-users] Visual Editor

Andy Robinson andy at reportlab.com
Mon Nov 28 16:42:04 EST 2005

> I agree this would be a valuable tool.
> In at least one case, I designed a complicated logo in a graphics 
> package like Illustrator, saved it to an Encapsulated PostScript file 
> (EPS), and used an editor to convert the EPS output to Reportlab calls.  
> EPS is easy to reverse-engineer; you can turn each of the one-character 
> drawing commands into function calls.  Inkscape could also be used for 
> that.
I'm sure that Sketch could be modified trivially to help with this
(or, the non-GUI portion of sketch reused as a utility); it has
the EPS-reading code and can write out the PDF operators as part
of the Piddle back end, which was what I wrote before ReportLab.

Only I can't get the damned thing running and switching my life to a 
Linux desktop seems extreme ;-)

- Andy

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